Name the Cities Where These 6 Homes for Sale are Located

May 15, 2017

Author: Alyssa.Gatto@paceco.com

Hollywood ca quiz
  • 1. This three-bedroom penthouse is priced at $3.9 million, in a neighborhood with a lofty median sales price of $3.2 million. Built in 2003, the modern building lands you river and city views, like the one below. Name that cityscape!
    New york ny skyline
  • 2. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a large terrace overlooking famous landmarks within a notable skyline, this two-bedroom condo is priced at $1.369 million. Parking is included, a prized amenity in this metro. Where is this modern condo located?
    Ny metro  statue of liberty
  • 3. This 31st-floor, one-bedroom apartment overlooks a skyscraper that offers fine dining on its top floor. At $360,000, it’s priced below the median sales price of other homes in this city’s downtown, famous for its colorful river walk. Where is it?
    San antonio
  • 4. Built in 1871, this three-bedroom duplex mixes Victorian charm with modern amenities. Head upstairs for breathtaking views from the roof deck. Which history-steeped skyline provides the backdrop at this $2.55 million home?
    Boston ma
  • 5. At this three-bedroom, $1,695,000 home, guests will love cooling off in the pool to escape the heat. Flawless views of a well-known mountain are found from the patio of this home in which sizzling city?
    Camelback mountain phoenix
  • 6. Built in 2017, this four-bedroom, $3.6 million home has direct access to hiking, outdoor recreation areas, and highways. While the lofty price tag is a clue, the giveaway to this home’s location is hidden in the hills. Where can you find this beauty?
    Hollywood ca   inline quiz image