You think you know celebrities and their NYC real estate tastes? Take this 10-question quiz and test your celeb IQ to see how much you know (or, don't know)!

Celebrity mashupfinal
  • 1. This 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom duplex in Greenwich Village was on the market for a bit in 2016 before being pulled without a sale. And, from the looks of it, this rocker liked to paint it white, not black.
    Keith richards tv room 0ce5f8
  • 2. This Lenox Hill apartment has lingered on the market for a while and had a series of price reductions. The owner just moved to D.C. and is apparently wild about the color blue, but only in real estate. Who is it?
    Ivanka trump blue apartment
  • 3. This intrepid young woman made all the right moves, buying a one-bedroom co-op for $500K and recently selling for $850,000. It's doubtful it was outfitted with tiny furniture.
    Lena dunham apartment building
  • 4. Which TV journalist just put her West Village apartment up for sale? Hint: She hosted "NBC News Overnight."
    Linda ellerbee apartment
  • 5. This classic fashion designer filled his Plaza Hotel penthouse with Warhols. This one of Grace Kelly reportedly reminds him of his wife, Dee Ocleppo.
    Hilfiger stairs
  • 6. This celebrity power couple bought and renovated a townhouse in Park Slope in 2015, but alas, their time in Brooklyn was not happening, so they sold in 2017.
    Blunt and krasinski
  • 7. She rented this West Village townhouse while her Tribeca residence was being remodeled - all the better for her to party with her gal pals while ducking the paparazzi.
    Taylor swift dining room
  • 8. She claims she's the richest homeless person in Manhattan, but it's hard to pull one over on a Real Housewife who made a fortune on being “skinny."
    Bethanny frankel apartment
  • 9. His identity is thoroughly Boston, but the rumor mill went into overdrive with his alleged purchase of this condo in Brooklyn Heights.
    Matt damon quiz
  • 10. This pop musician and his wife were living the NYC dream: A Soho loft made for partying. That is, until baby came along. Who is it?
    Adam levine pool table e8f30a 1024x683